Global Blockchain
Conference India

  • 300FinTech/Blockchain fans and lovers
  • 24+Speakers
  • 3Tracks (General + FinTech + Academic)

January 18-19, 2019

New Delhi, India

Agenda of the Conference

Are you into Blockchain, Ethereum, Zcash and hungry to learn from the best?

Take part in the exploration of the Global Blockchain universe! Focusing on in-depth talks, hands-on workshops, and finding new opportunities, Global Blockchain conference provides space for everyone to exchange, share and grow your idea together.

Last December, Global Blockchain conference brought 250 attendees from all over the world to New Delhi, and since then, the crowd has been gathering at Blockchain Developers meetups tailored for the most passionate part of the Blockchain community. Early 2019 will see the conf on full blast – join us and you’re in for a ride.

Our speakers’ guns are set on stun

Diversity, sharing of ideas, and critical thinking are the core values when it comes to selection of our speakers. Both Blockchain’s pros and its rising stars will take over two stages at Global Blockchain Conference New Delhi.
They’ll shed light on all things puzzling your mind, be it Blockchain, Ethereum network, Quantum Post-cryptography, Solidity or other.

More Speakers

The city on the edge of tomorrow

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is one of the busiest European tech centers and the best talent gravitates towards the city. With two international airports and modern infrastructure, you don’t even need a hyperdrive to get here.

Berlin photo

React, the fuel for a great party

Fun is relative, but there’s no chance to be bored in Berlin, one of the party capitals of the world. Our afterparty and comedy show will make React Day Berlin the tech event of the year!

The city on the edge of tomorrow

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is one of the busiest European tech centers and the best talent gravitates towards the city. With two international airports and modern infrastructure, you don’t even need a hyperdrive to get here.

Berlin photo

Brandenburg gate at the sunset

The city on the edge of tomorrow

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is one of the busiest European tech centers and the best talent gravitates towards the city. With two international airports and modern infrastructure, you don’t even need a hyperdrive to get here.

Berlin photo

Museum island on Spree river in center Berlin

The city on the edge of tomorrow

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is one of the busiest European tech centers and the best talent gravitates towards the city. With two international airports and modern infrastructure, you don’t even need a hyperdrive to get here.

Berlin photo

Oberbaum Bridge


Powering Code Reuse with Context and Render Props

Forbes Lindesay

Threads, UK

React's context API has always been labelled as experimental, but from the advent of Redux it has been used in all the most exciting react libraries. It's about to become a stabilised feature so now is the perfect time to learn the new context API.
Combining the context API and render props lets gives you unprecedented power to cleanly reuse code across components. It even plays well with TypeScript and Flow. This talk will explain how context and render props work and give you some ideas of how to use them to simplify your own code.


Starter Kit: GraphQL Boilerplates

Manjula Dube

Marley Spoon, Germany

At some point when you often start with GraphQL you often think how do I even start integrating to my frontend tech stack with GraphQL. The talk is going to be all about explaining a boilerplate available from basic to advanced level. This is one of the open source project I am working with Graphcool team as an open source developer.


Structure Your App's Story With Sagas and Selectors

Rebecca Hill

Usabilla, The Netherlands

As apps begin to scale, many developers find themselves asking the question - but where does all the hard stuff go? The complicated data manipulation, the validation, the process flow of our apps. In other words, the business logic. If React is designed for the view layer, and we’re using Redux or something similar for the state, then where does the business logic go? This talk looks at the different options and tries to answer that question.


Navigating the hype-driven frontend development world without going insane


ReactAcademy, Macedonia

The obsession to always move on to the latest and greatest, and the fear of missing out while working with something that's older than a few months is currently dominating the dev world.
Do you have enough time to learn the latest version of your favourite library or framework? Will this leave enough time if you need to learn something new? Should you stick with what you know? Should you forget about what you are using and start learning something new? What are other front-end developers using? Should you follow the crowd? This is a problem that everyone struggles with. So many decisions to make, but Kitze will help you find the answers.


Feature Driven Architecture

Oleg Isonen

JSS, Germany

Large applications cannot be structured the same way as small applications. Many good decisions you make for a small application suddenly become bad once it grows in code and organization size. Let me walk you through a number of challenges and good decisions for scalable applications.


Designing React Native Modules For Every Platform

Vincent Riemer

Symantec, USA

React Native

Patterns for successful design systems

Monica Lent

SumUp, Germany


Tip top testing in JavaScript

Jack Franklin

Thread, UK

In this talk we'll dive into the approaches and strategies needed to create a great unit test environment for your JavaScript and React applications. We'll examine what makes the perfect test, what to avoid, and how to use more complex features like mocks and spies to enable you to write tests more easily. We'll also look at some of the common pitfalls and mistakes people make that can really begin to hurt you as your test suite grows.


Abstracting the business away with React+Redux

Elianne Schutze

Trainline, UK


Type systems & props design - exploring PropTypes, TypeScript, Flow & Reason

Nik Graf

Freelance, Austria


The Lonely and Dark Road to Styling in React

Sara Vieira

YLDio, Europe

CSS is hard !I made a living out of it being hard but when React was introduced we had a whole new level of fighting over CSS. There are so many ways to approach it and so many tradeoffs one can do when choosing the better approach that a talk that will go over these options is more than necessary. Let's walk this road thogheter and I promise it will all be fine and you will leave with an ideia of type of styling is better for each project. Hint: There is no perfect way...


Framer X Inside Out

Artem Riasnianskyi

Framer X, The Netherlands

Case studies

Optimizing the Critical Rendering Path in React

Alex Moldovan

Fortech, Romania

One of the crucial elements of performance is to ship relevant content to your users as soon as possible. But in modern web applications, figuring out what to ship and what to prioritize can be hard. Framework driven applications have the big disadvantage of being pretty heavy for the initial load. We will start from understanding how the browser works, then we will explain what the critical rendering path is and how we can optimize it. Expect a talk full of valuable resources and ideas that one can use to improve the performance of a modern web application, with a case study on a React powered application.


Insights from building rich animated experiences in React

Jeremias Menichelli

Typeform, Spain

Have you ever wondered why good performance is so hard to achieve in heavy animated web applications?
This talk is a practical retrospective on the discoveries, the pains and the journey that led me to build reliable bulletproof animations and transitions in real life production projects.


Writing your own React Renderer

Raphael Amorim

GoDaddy, Brazil

Talk about reconciler, life cycles, and custom-renderer. The idea is to introduce how to create a custom renderer and how the reconciler handles elements, components, and instances.

Deep dive

Troubleshooting a slow app, a practical guide to great React Native performance

Jean-Rémi Beaudoin

Theodo, UK

React Native is amazing at helping you deliver in production live apps very quickly. But to get there, you sometimes have to cut corners. Once you have a successful app loved by thousands of users, you start to wonder how to tackle performance issues. Figuring out where to start can be tricky.
This will be a practical guide about tools that can help you identify bottlenecks and quickly find ways to increase your app’s performance.

React Native

So you want to use React Native in your mobile app?

Karan Thakkar

Skyscanner, UK

In this talk, Karan will share his learnings from working on the React Native infrastructure at Skyscanner. These are concepts, issues and roadblocks that a developer would encounter in their journey of integrating React Native in a brownfield app. Knowing these ahead of time would help folks take the right decisions when building their own React Native infrastructure.

React Native

Building A Large Scale React Native App

Raphael Eidus

HuffPost, USA

At HuffPost we just finished rebuilding our main android news app in React Native. Explore some of the decisions we made about our code base and how those decisions impacted the success of the project and its future potential. Covering the React Native Bridge, State Management, Data Persistence, Offline Experiences, Asynchronous Tasks, Testing, and more. Attendees of this talk should be be able to make an informed decision at the end of the talk about whether React Native would be useful in their next project in addition to knowing how to avoid common problems.

React Native

Using SVG in React Native

Ori Harel

Capriza, Israel

Vector graphics is in fact the best way to provide great visualization and interaction combined. It exist on all platforms in some way or form, so it's just natural to use it in React Native. In this talk, I'll show you how I integrated the use of SVG with the opinionated component and state system of React, but in the same time keeping things highly performant when interacting with the UI thread - a topic a lot of developers are struggling with.

React Native


Visit a monument to the future

With the ever-growing JS ecosystem, it’s only appropriate that we are hosting React Day Berlin in Kosmos, the amazing Space Age theatre from the 1960s. It is situated in the hip neighborhood of Friedrichshain full of great restaurants, bars, clubs and little shops, and the building was built with unconventional visionaries in mind.


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